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        Jun 12 2020


        5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

        Big Bend Commencement

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        Big Bend’s virtual commencement will begin at 5:30 p.m. You can view the commencement at www.gstwsu.com.


        President’s message about commencement:

        Greetings Big Bend Community & Students,

        Congratulations students and graduates for your perseverance and efforts to moved forward academically through a historic time in our state and country.

        I write to inform you and our campus community about how we will handle commencement this year amid the uncertainty imposed on all of us by the COVID-19 crisis. We are excited to announce that our 2020 graduates, who include college and BEdA (high school) graduates, will be the first Big Bend graduates to experience a virtual commencement! Given the constantly changing landscape of social-distancing restrictions, we are conducting the 2020 Commencement ceremony virtually. Commencement will still take place on June 12, but we will not conduct it in person. Instead, we have contracted with a company, MarchingOrder, to provide a virtual commencement ceremony (graduates will receive more detailed and updated information soon).

        The ceremony will use pre-recorded videos of speakers and a unique slide created with a photo submitted by each graduate.

        Big Bend will provide each graduate with a diploma cover, cap and tassel, honor cord (if earned), and commencement program at no charge. We will pay to ship these items only to graduates who reside outside of Grant and Adams counties. For those living in Grant and Adams counties, we will schedule delivery sites in communities throughout Grant and Adams counties or provide curbside pick-up at the college.

        Graduates who desire a gown, announcements/invitations, extra tassels, or other graduation mementos may purchase them from the Big Bend Community College Bookstore.

        Big Bend and Big Bend ASB will provide a celebration bag, which includes the diploma cover and a gift, to each graduate. Graduates in Grant and Adams counties can obtain their celebration bags the week after commencement via curbside pick-up at the college. We will mail at no cost celebration bags to those graduates who want one and live outside of Grant and Adams counties.

        Our 2020 Commencement will be historic because of these changes, and I hope you find them an enhancement compared with commencements done in the old style. Unfortunately, we cannot depend on the lifting of social-distancing restrictions to allow a traditional commencement ceremony to take place. We do not want to plan for a traditional ceremony only to learn at the last minute that we cannot hold it, which would be disruptive and disappointing to all of us.

        Please accept my best wishes to you and your families for good health and much success,

        President Terry Leas

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        Covid-19 InformationRead More
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