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        Terry Leas, President

        From President Terry Leas

        Welcome to Big Bend Community College’s web site! We encourage you to spend time with us, explore, and learn more about the exciting programs BBCC offers.

        More than a technical college or a junior college, BBCC is a comprehensive community college providing you opportunities to pursue your educational goals, improve your knowledge and skills, and complete the process at a fraction of the cost of most colleges and universities.

        Our beautiful Moses Lake campus and distance learning sites serve more than 5,400 students from the heart of the central Columbia Basin of Washington state. BBCC’s catalog includes a mix of traditional programs, services, and unique classes. Our focus is to make a higher education more accessible, to ensure the education you receive adds value, and to be the preferred provider of postsecondary services.

        • Our partnerships with other colleges and universities allow our students to earn advanced degrees conveniently at BBCC.
        • Our relationships with employers ensure BBCC students receive a relevant education that means the difference between working at a job and enjoying a rewarding career. Our excellent placement rates prove how aligning our programs with employers’ workforce needs can help our students move quickly to professional status within their field of study.
        • Our support services help students improve study skills, locate resources, resolve personal issues, make strong career decisions, pay for college, or arrange the details of a smooth college transfer. All services are offered in person or online.
        • Opportunities in music, clubs, intercollegiate sports, music and student government provide easy ways to meet new friends, share talents, develop leadership skills, and make dreams happen.
        • In every program, our students have access to state-of-the-art technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Interactive television and online classes and support services make learning accessible despite the challenges of time and distance.

        The success of our students is our standard of accountability. Since 1962, our six-fold mission of college transfer, vocational and developmental education, community service/continuing education, business and industry partnerships, and student support services has provided the environment for our students’ success. BBCC makes getting into college, getting through college, and paying for college easy. Try us – you’ll like the results!

        Terrence Leas, Ph.D.


        (509) 793-2001

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